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Book a free digital audit with us and get prioritized recommendations that’ll drive engagement and boost sales!  Our team has over 15 years of expertise in optimizing digital marketing, including websites, SEO, and paid advertising campaigns.  We’d love to help lift your team’s digital marketing.

Our Digital Audits

We offer three types of digital audits!  Pick which one works best for you and let us share ideas for improvement!

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Your website is the face of your business and is key for branding and generating business.  We can help you boost the professionalism of your site and optimize it to increase sales and leads!


SEO is key to driving affordable ongoing engagement, but it’s not as simple as using the right keywords on your site.  Simple mistakes can severely lower your search scoring.

Our SEO audit check the use of content on your site and the backlinks you use to identify opportunities to increase organic traffic.

Paid Advertising

Using Google Search Ads or Facebook or Instagram ads are a great way to quickly boost traffic to your site, and when optimized correctly, they can generate rock solid return on your investment.  We use campaign analytics to help you tune your audience targeting, optimize your creative,  and tune your landing pages!

How Our Audits Work

We’re excited to work for you!  Once we hear from you, one of our Project Managers will reach out to schedule a quick kickoff review. We’ll discuss what type of audit you’re looking for and what your digital goals are.

From there, our team will execute a detailed audits to review your site, SEO or paid advertising.  Then we’ll share prioritized improvements with you, including level of effort and likely return for you company!

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Why Visionary WebDZ?


All of our team members have years of experience working with professional agencies, supporting all major industries and platforms.  From website development, to setting up the perfect Adwords campaign, we’ve done it before and know how to get you results fast!


Using your own internal digital team can be great, but digital marketing is complex, and it’s tough to find staff that have expertise in all areas.  We love partnering with digital teams to provide additional expertise and bandwidth.

Reduced Staffing Costs

Staffing and overseeing an internal team can be challenging and expensive!  Core team members may not have expertise in all digital channels, which can lead to BIG expenditures and kill your ROI. Using external experts can save you time and money, while boosting your results.

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