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Step into the forefront of visionary digital marketing.  We designed this page to be a go-to source for breaking digital marketing news and insights in the ever-evolving landscape. From AI, to new engagement platforms, this page is your daily briefing on the latest trends in website development, SEO strategies, and paid advertising trends, designed to empower businesses and digital teams alike. 

Have Older Content On Your Site? Google has shared strategies that can help your SEO
Lots of business sites have helpful content or documentation that might be starting to show its age. Rather than taking this content offline, Google shared ways businesses can still use it to get a healthy SEO lift.
Increase your search engine traffic with old content
Digital advertisers are missing their audience

Americans Spend 59% Of Their Time On the Open Internet, But Advertisers Are Missing Them

According to recent research by The Trade Desk (one of the largest media buying organizations), advertisers are disproportionally focusing their advertising on other channels, indicating there may be an opportunity for savvy buyers to find discounted ads on the open internet. 
Digital Marketing Trends 2024

Our Biggest Digital Marketing Trends for 2024!

It’s hard to believe, but 2024 is here, and it’ll bring BIG changes for businesses that run active websites, paid ad campaigns, or invest in SEO.  Read our article on the biggest opportunities (AI) and the biggest risks for ad buyers (google will loose the ability to target based on cookies). Here.
“Content marketing is really like a first date. If all you do is talk about yourself, there won’t be a second date.”
– David Beebe
Sam Altman out at OpenAI
Twitter Issues Impact Advertisers

Should Your Digital Marketing Campaign Include Twitter?

When planning on buying digital ads to promote your business, social media is worth considering. Most leading platforms offer the ability to run visual ads and target audiences, but being familiar with the audience makeup on each platform can still help you make the best choice.

It’s not about being present everywhere; it’s about connecting with your desired audience where you can achieve the highest ROI. Targeting them on the optimal social media platform can help make your campaign a success.

You can read up on the demographic breakdowns here.

Avoid SEO mistakes

Avoid Negative ROI On Your SEO

One of the questions small businesses have is, whether it’s safe to use an overseas company for SEO. Unfortunately, while their costs are low, that doesn’t mean you’re likely to find a strong ROI, and a high percentage of businesses end up with little to no results even after months of work.

While exceptions exist, the most common issues seem to be:
  • – Ongoing language issues
  • – Link and content spamming reduces SEO
  • – Content creation is an ongoing challenge
  • – Quality issues and rework needed
  • – Lack of understanding of your business model
  • – Inability to provide custom solutions
  • – Fraud

At Visionary WebDZ, we focus on developing a deep understanding of our client’s business model and brand, and approach link building and content creation strategically to provide real results.  Contact us here to get started today!

New TikTok Ads released to the US

TikTok has officially launched TikTok Shop in the United States, giving a new in-app shopping experience to its users. This feature allows individuals to purchase products that were featured in live videos, on their personalized “For You” page, or on brand profiles. For content creators, TikTok Shop presents a lucrative opportunity for commission-based marketing partnerships with brands. 

If you want help setting up Social Media ad campaigns, we’d love to talk with you.  Please reach out here!

TikTok Shopping Ads
Twitter Issues Impact Advertisers

Should Your Digital Marketing Campaign Include Twitter?

In the last week, Disney, IBM, Apple and Lionsgate all suspended their advertising on Twitter.  With all the hubbub surrounding Twitter, we think it’s time for local and small businesses to consider alternatives. Read our full take on it here.

The AI industry had a huge shake-up over the weekend.  One of the worlds leading AI companies, OpenAI, unexpectedly fired their CEo, Sam Altman.  Regularly viewed as one of the top AI visionaries, Altman’s termination caught analyst by surprise, and there was pushback on OpenAI’s decision, with some stockholders immediately calling for his reinstatement.  Instead, it looks like Altman will be working with Microsoft’s AI team moving forward.  

Sam Altman Out As the CEO for OpenAI

Sam Altman out at OpenAI

Tips On Meaningful SEO Content

Alan Admason - author, branding expert

Wondering how to create content that ranks high on Google and actually engages your audience? First, let’s talk frequency. Google loves fresh and meaningful content. To stay in the search engine’s good graces, aim to publish content at least once a week. Maybe more. Consistency is key.

Your content should also not just exist; it should provide value and answer the questions people are actually searching for. Understand the search intent and craft your content to actually address it. Make it engaging, easy to read, and interactive. Working with your targeted SEO buzzwords is important for sure, but there’s no substitute for interesting and helpful content.

Posting your marketing/SEO content in meaningful locations is also key. Don’t just post on your site, find meaningful discussion groups or related websites that get traffic focused on your topic, and you’ll be on the right path to increasing your website traffic.

Raleigh Digital Summit

We like to share upcoming digital events that look helpful and the Digital Summit in Raleigh next week looks like a good one! You’ll hear how some of the industry greats, like Spotify, Amazon, and HelloFresh are approaching the rapidly evolving areas of AI, MarTech, and Podcasting. Check it out if you’re in the area. They also offer remote viewing after the event.

digitalSummit Raleigh
Most people in the digital are aware that Twitter (now X) has been in meltdown mode since Elon Musk bought the company. It seems like every week there’s another scandal involving the company, including a threatened major lawsuit from Germany for allowing illegal hate content. Additionally there are numerous outstanding lawsuits alleging the company unfairly targeted minorities and people with disabilities in mass layoffs. In another hard to believe move, Twitter/X is suing a respected American non-profit organization for reporting a significant increase in hate speech measured on the platform.

Whether you’re for or against Twitter/X that’s still a lot of concerning press. With that in mind, it’s not surprising that Twitter/X’s valuation in the market place is tanking. Techcrunch recently reported that the company’s valuation has dropped an astonishing 56% in one year. While there’s valid debate on how to properly assess the value of the company, there’s no questioning they’ve taken a major hit in advertiser loyalty and brand perception in the last year.

Read the TechCrunch article here

Twitter’s valuation drops a shocking 56% in a single year

Alan Admason - author, branding expert

“Branding is about signals — the signals people use to determine what you stand for as a brand. Signals create associations.”

Allen P. Adamson

Instagram is rolling out in-app AI Image Editing

AI is continuing to find its way into new platforms. One of the ones we’re looking forward to is Meta’s upcoming plans to roll out AI-powered image editing. A new Instagram tool, called “restyle”, allows users to give their images a fresh look. This includes new backgrounds or artistic themes (impressionist anyone?). They currently plan on including labels indicating the content was created with AI. We’re looking forward to seeing how advertisers incorporate the new tool into their social media presence!

In this blog post, one of our digital experts, Ross Yaeger, breaks down how businesses can utilize inexpensive AI tools to quickly create marketing content, without making embarrassing mistakes or sounding like a robot.  Read all about it here.

social media ad costs

More Ads Are Coming To Amazon Prime

If you haven’t heard, Amazon is warning Prime users to start expecting more ads in early 2024. The ads are expected to run on movies and TV shows on its streaming platform. While user response is TBD, it’ll open up a ton of ad inventory to advertisers, and Amazon is currently pitching the platform to media buyers. We’ll be watching to see how the prices and ad performance score.

We're Getting Excited!

At Visionary WebDZ, we don’t just brew up digital magic; we’re getting into the Halloween spirit! We thought it would be a blast to share some spooky snapshots of our team’s little ghouls. Let’s inspire each other to make this Halloween unforgettable.

Wishing all our cherished clients, partners, and followers a hauntingly good time ahead! May your day be filled with sweet treats, not tricks!

The recent breakthroughs in AI are a real game changer.  It makes certain tasks simpler and gives creators more tools to draw upon.  Unfortunately, the quality of editorial writing, which is key to most of our clients, is suspect, to say the least.  While AI is no doubt amazing, factorial errors, awkward tones, slang, and dialects still abound, and sometimes it just sounds too commercial to truly create a connection with customers.

Still, according to Marketing Dive, 57% of enterprise marketers use AI in their email already and another 25% have plans in the immediate future. Many of them are using it for audience segmentation and sorting, not just content creation.  99% of those surveyed said their experience has been extremely or somewhat positive.  Wow.   Maybe I shouldn’t be so supposed though, even with AI’s current challenges, it’s still helpful, and I use it at least once a week for marketing.   It just has to be used with caution.

Ross Yaeger  

57% of enterprise marketers use AI in email campaigns 




social media ad costs

Social Media Advertising Costs Decline

In the ever-evolving world of digital advertising, there’s some news that most businesses will love. Social media ad prices have been steadily decreasing throughout 2023, making it more affordable to reach your target audience. If you haven’t tried advertising on social media, or it’s been too expensive, now may be a great time to give it a shot!

AdWeek New York

Who else is getting excited for the AdWeek New York conference?! October 16-19th.

“Never stop testing, and your advertising will never stop improving.”

David Ogilvy

digital marketing agency

Committing To Excellence

During some recent strategic planning, we identified several “core values” that we think embody how we approach our work. We’ll share a bit about these over the next few months. The first one we settled on is “Commit to Excellence”
At Visionary WebDZ, excellence is a way of life and something we always strive for. We’re thrilled to share this with our clients and partners, and we try to bring it to every project. Contact us if you’d like to work together!